High Sierra Lacrosse promotes and supports men's and women's lacrosse for grade school, high school, and collegiate participants in the Northern Nevada, High Sierra, and Lake Tahoe region.

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Avy2028: Swimming and Dinner
by posted 06/24/2022


For those interested, meeting at 4 PM at The Lodge at the Mountain Village 1415 Lowell Ave. Basically same location as last eve. Planning alpine slide followed by swimming and pizza.

Otherwise, please be ready for warm-ups at 7 AM, for 8 AM game, on field 12.

Go avalanche,
Eric P.

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AVY2028: Thur Eve Gathering
by posted 06/23/2022


Casual meet up for those able and interested at 7 PM this eve for dinner or to say hello at Legends, 1345 Lowell Avenue in Park City.

Otherwise, see you at the field at 7:45 AM ready to warm up for 8:45 AM game start.

Safe travels!
Eric P.

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AVY2028: Truckee Tourney Photos
by posted 06/21/2022

Avy 2028s:

Some great photos from the Riverside part of the tourney here:


Thank you,
Eric P.

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Avy 2028s: Park City Action Items
by posted 06/20/2022

Hello 2028s:

For those of you going to Park City:

  1. Player Registration with the Tourney
  2. Avy Tournament Fee

Thank you,
Eric P.

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Avy2028 Update
by posted 06/18/2022

Hello Avy2028s,

Game one starts at 10am tomorrow so please be ready to go at 9am at the same field as today. We have a few things to go over and warm-up.

If we win our game against the winner from pool A tomorrow, we will play in the first place game. Looking forward to it.

Thank you,
Eric P.

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Avy2028s: Tourney #1
by posted 06/17/2022

Hello All,

Tournament #1 is upon us. If anyone is having trouble receiving emails, you can always use the link below to get to a webpage with most team communications:


Everything is linked from above, but here is a link to the team's practice schedule.

As a general rule, and in the absense of other guidance, for tournaments, players should be dressed and ready for warm-up one hour before the first game of the day. After the first game, players should be ready for warm-up 30 minutes prior.

Please bring plenty of water, and players should have their water bottles with them in the players' box on the sideline. The water bottles should be the squirt bottle type so the players can drink water without removing their helmets.  (This is an oddly important detail.)

Please confirm the players have mouthpieces and it's always a good idea to buy more than one and have a spare or two in the players' bags. Along with spare socks. A plastic bag or two is always a good idea too.

Cups are manditory and its impossible to play lacrosse properly without one. Just a friendly reminder based on some conversation I heard yesterday at practice.

Game one on Saturday is at 10am so players should be ready-to-go at the field at 9am. The second game is at noon so warm-up will start at 11:30am.  Both games are Riverview Sports Park - Field 5, so familiar territory.

Full info about our division is at the link below and it's always a good idea to install tourney app on your phone if you are inclined to do so.


Emails from the park city tournament to register players have either already gone out, or will soon. I'll forward as well as soon as I have.

Thank you,
Eric P.

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