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Tournament Cancelled
by posted 10/27/2020

Avy 5/6:

Unfortunately, we received bad news today that the SLC event has been cancelled. The mayor of SLC has shut the down the venue.  (See below for detail.)

We will still have practice Thursday for fun as planned, and we're working on something TBD locally for the kids to play Saturday.  More on that later today.

And so it goes... The little guys were looking quite good.  I personally was sincerely looking forward to seeing them do their thing.  We'll just build on it, and move on to box lacrosse, and whatever is next.  I'll let you know the near and medium-term schedule in the next few days. 

The advanced box group for grades 5/6 will be moving to Tuesdays on the large floor from 4-6 PM at the sportsdome.  If you haven't registered, and the box season time slot works for you, I'd like to encourage everyone on this team to register for box.  If it doesn't work for you, we're hoping to have a regular year-round practice schedule at this age level, so I'll be sure to keep you in the loop as that develops. 

There may be a few tournament opportunities along the way between now and the 2021 Summer tourney season.  We'll just have to see.

E-mail sent from the tournament follows.

Thank you,
Eric P.


Coaches and Directors,

We received disappointing news from the facility and heath commission this morning.  Due to a spike in cases in Utah, the Mayor has closed the facility effective immediately as they want to eliminate people travelling into the state.  This really is worst case scenario as we had been in communication with both the facility and the health commission that we were approved for the event.  We have suggested changing the format, elimination of spectators, etc, but this decision is firm from the Mayor and the event is suspended.  We are very disappointed to pass this news along and know with it being so close to the event that this is a tough thing to relay to the families.

We are working with all hotels through the travel agency to make sure hotel refunds are offered.  For the event, we will offer a full credit for all teams.  We have reached out to both the venues for High Rollers and Fall Brawl and received feedback that we are still 100% approved and have capacity.  As a good will gesture for High Rollers, any boys teams registered for OLC will not need to pay any extra registration cost, as that event is more expensive.  Please be in touch ASAP so we can update this info.  If for any reason a credit to a future event is not able to be used, we can put in for a refund. 

We want to assure you that ADRLN is working our hardest to keep kids on the fields in the safest way possible.  We will continue to advocate for outdoor sports as the data supports this is a safe and positive endeavor.  Again, we do apologize that this event was cancelled and look forward to seeing you on the fields soon.

JR Grubert

Event Manager

Empowering The Lacrosse Athlete

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