High Sierra Lacrosse promotes and supports men's and women's lacrosse for grade school, high school, and collegiate participants in the Northern Nevada, High Sierra, and Lake Tahoe region.

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Dear Coaches and Team Representatives,

My name is John Funk and I am the Head Coach of the Reno HS Boys’ Varsity Lacrosse Team (Huskies Lacrosse) and the Secretary of the High Sierra Lacrosse Foundation (HSLF).  Our local league in the Reno/Tahoe area, the High Sierra Lacrosse League (HSLL), is growing and looking to expand playing opportunities for lacrosse-playing student-athletes.


Over the last few years, teams from our area have traveled outside the region to Northern California, Oregon, Idaho, and Southern Nevada for regulation non-league games.  In doing so, we have established relationships with a number of programs.  We have also run into and met several other HS boys coaches at our summer men’s tournaments at Lake Tahoe who are very interested in bringing their HS varsity and JV teams to play in Reno during the high school regular season.  Accordingly, my program is working to continue to grow a meaningful HS boys event that brings western region teams together to play multiple, NFHS-regulation, non-league games against opponents they would normally not have a reasonable opportunity to play.


Reno provides a great opportunity for this kind of event for a number of reasons.  Geographically, Reno is nestled in western Nevada at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The city and surrounding venues are within a reasonable driving or affordable flying distance of your programs.  Reno/Tahoe offers a lot of off-field amenities, great room deals, and plenty for the players and their families to do. 


Most importantly, this event is not about making money or generating revenue; it’s about playing non-league competition and gauging regional talent.  To the extent this event raises any revenue, it would solely benefit of our 501(c)(3) not for profit entity formed for the specific purpose of bringing lacrosse to the community.    




  • March 17-19, 2016


  • Friday at Stadium venues around Reno, Saturday & Sunday at Reno HS Stadium and Soccer field

Teams and Divisions:

  • HS Boys Varsity
  • HS Boys JV     


  • NFHS regulation, 4-quarter stop-time games with certified officials.
  • 3 games minimum for each traveling team vs multiple non-league opponents (teams will play non-league competition exclusively).  Scheduling accommodations will be considered. 


  • $170/Varsity game; $150/JV game. Example: 3 varsity games and 3 JV games will cost your program $960.

Response Deadline: Jan 1, 2017 or until all slots are filled.  Verbal commitments and inquiries welcome.  Slots are not confirmed until initial 50% deposit is received.  Available spaces are limited!


Please contact me, the event coordinator, to learn more.  


Thanks and I hope to see you in Reno in March. 


John Funk

Head Coach

(775) 741-0742

Huskies Lacrosse